Firewood basket with wheels

Firewood holder with wheels

Often, household items that seem to meet all our needs turn out not to be perfectly cut for the role we had planned, such as indoor firewood holder, which in many cases leave marks on the floor or wall on which they are placed.

This is not the case of the firewood holders with wheels signed by Limac Design for sale online on Gavemo: to create them, in fact, are respected precise criteria of functionality that are intertwined with what creativity proposes for the style.

In addition to elegance, given by the simple lines, and to the variety of tastes that can be met thanks to the combination of colors and different aesthetic inspirations, Limac Design’s leather firewood holders are equipped with rubberized wheels specifically designed not to ruin the wooden floors, as they are beautiful and delicate at the same time.

On sale online on Gavemo you will find the whole Limac Design catalog: discover the leather firewood holder with wheels!

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