Indoor firewood holder

Indoor firewood basket

The atmosphere that a lit fireplace gives in the living room of the house is priceless: warmth, familiarity, light. Even what is placed around the fireplace or stove can contribute to creating a pleasant and colorful environment: for example, an indoor firewood basket occupies a central place in the arrangement of objects in the main room of the house, and that is why it must be chosen carefully.

The line of indoor leather firewood baskets by Limac Design is designed specifically to meet a wide variety of styles and aesthetic tastes: the colors available play with the lines of the design, including round, minimal or modern shapes. The only element that does not change is the quality of the material, carefully selected leather worked with knowledge and passion in Italy by Italian master craftsmen.

Choose the indoor portal basket that fascinates you the most, you will surely find it online on Gavemo!

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