What makes the difference between a standard office, alike to a thousand others, and one in which the professional is free to express himself and to give the best of his productivity? The environment is essential! Working in a well-kept space, which reflects the personality of those who have chosen and modeled it, helps to create a place of comfort where to feel at ease: the best way to achieve it is through furnishing accessories!

The line of office accessories signed by Limac Design has been created precisely for those who love to personalize the place where they work down to the tiniest detail: this is why different models of leather waste-paper have been designed, 100% Made in Italy. Thanks to the variety of shapes and colors, both lovers of more classic genres and those who have a more modern taste will be able to find the perfect piece of furniture!

The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship make the leather waste-paper for sale online at GAVEMO essential furnishing accessories for your office: discover the whole line!