For credit card payment we use the secure system with SSL certificate: upon confirmation of the order, the credit card information will be transferred to the card carrier, via secure secure connection SSL (SSL), for authorization and charge. A safe and risk-free procedure that protects the customer from any possible abuse. Please note that, thanks to this system, GAVEMO does not display its customers’ credit card details in any way.

GAVEMO reserves the right to request additional information from the customer or send copies of documents proving the ownership of the card used. If the customer does not provide such information, GAVEMO reserves the right not to accept the purchase order.


We accept all major credit cards and prepaid cards registered to the PayPal circuit. Your financial data will not be shared with GAVEMO but will be managed directly by PayPal.
If the order is cancelled (both by the customer and by GAVEMO) the amount will be credited to your PayPal account.
GAVEMO will not be liable for delays or damage caused during the refund.


The transfer must be registered to:

As.tra. S.a.s.
IBAN code: IT57 K 02008 61920 00 01 02 45 78 10

GAVEMO will only send the products when the relevant amount is credited to the current account above.
In the reason for the transfer, indicate the number and date of the order.
If you want to anticipate the delivery of the products, send the copy of the accountant by email to

When completing the order in the “Payment” phase, select the “Payment on delivery” item. Payment on delivery involves an additional expense of € 5.50 per shipment. Keep the exact amount handy to pay for your order. It is not possible to pay your order with the ATM but only in cash to the courier in charge. Attention: when entering the data for shipping, be careful to add the correct house number and the name on the intercom. Also add other details that can help you run (staircase, interior, etc.).