How many times, at home, arises the desire to bring together all the objects of daily use in one place, perhaps using a box to store them. The line of small leather baskets for sale online on GAVEMO goes much further: the idea is to combine design, practicality, and ease of use.

In the catalog of small leather baskets signed by Limac Design®, in fact, you will find multipurpose boxes (for example, as a space in which to store perfumes and creams in the bathroom or jewelry and watches in the bedroom), pocket emptier to be placed on the coffee table in the entrance, bread holder to decorate the table and accessories holder capable of adding a touch of style to every corner of the house.

The design of these small holders for sale online is very diversified from set to set, which allows everyone to choose the one that best suits the environment and home decor: some small details, such as the shades available and the possibility of rolling the edges to achieve the desired stylistic effect, give an even greater personalization to these furnishing accessories.

Discover all the functions and all the models of small leather baskets for sale online on GAVEMO!