Safety Barrier for pellet and wood stoves, Burn Protection KALAMI' 2.6 (h. cm. 60)

  • Steel Safety Fireplace Stove Protection Barrier for Baby Toddlers Kids Pets.
  • Stove Guard Heavy Duty Grey Metal, with screen reduce heat.
  • It is fixed with 4 high temperature magnets supplied on the metal frame of the stove or fireplace. Attention: check that the structure of the stove or fireplace is made of iron or cast iron, NO steel!
  • Dimensions (magnet fixing points): cm. 39(L) x 10 (P) x 60 (H)
  • Made in Italy by Italian artisan masters, exclusive design by LIMAC DESIGN® for Firestyle®.

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Kalamì 2.0 is the new series of Firestyle® stove and fireplace protections.
Ideal for pellet and wood stoves.
Patent filed.
Exclusive design by Firestyle®, Made in Italy.
The screen is composed of a metal structure on which are fixed 4 newly magnets designed and produced to withstand high temperatures.
From a second removable “capture-heat” screen, painted on the outside, the side towards the glass is not painted due to the high temperatures near the glass.
The KALAMI ‘2.0 line is composed of 5 models (the dimensions indicate the points where the magnets are fixed):
– Kalamì 2.6, dimensions cm. 42 (L) x 60 (H).
– Kalamì 2.7, dimensions cm. 42 (L) x 70 (H).
How to choose the model of KALAMI ‘ideal for your stove?
It is recommended that the magnets go to rest on the metal frame of the door around the glass.
This will allow you to open the cleaning hatch without having to remove the protection every day.
First of all, check that the door is made of iron or cast iron (if in steel or iron-steel mixed, the protection will slip and will not perform its protective function).
Detect the dimensions in width and height of the door, calculate that the KALAMI’ 2.0 you choose must be about cm. 2 lower in both width and height.
For any information our technical office is available, write an email to us.
For every wood or pellet stove with steel or glass door, Firestyle® presents HERMO®, the universal protection.
HERMO® guarantees maximum safety, recommended for public spaces.
HERMO® is available in 2 sizes.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 8,54 kg
Dimensions 73 × 45 × 13 cm